24 Jun 2015

Wales by abbieredmon


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The next day, we climbed another multi-pitch route in the Devil’s Kitchen, on the Idwal Slabs, not getting started until about 5 p.m. because of rain earlier in the day.

The climb was pretty good after what I thought was a tough start off the ground. I also slid down the mountain a couple of yards on one section between two cracks, which was scary. Otherwise, I liked this climb. It drizzled a tiny amount, off and on, while we were on the rock, but nothing serious.

We got back to the car just after 10 p.m. — which sounds insane, but it stays light SO late in the U.K. this time of year, it seemed fairly reasonable at the time.

It also meant we got to enjoy a pretty colorful sunset from high on the mountain. I liked the view from this climb a lot (the walk in was nice, too).