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Went to the Honmura side of the island to check out Art House Project, a collection of old village homes that have been reformed into art spaces.

At the house project by James Turrell, we were instructed to walk single file into a pitch dark room and find our way to a long bench by feeling our hands along the wall. As our eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, we could see a faint rectangle of light. When the rectangle became a little brighter, we were instructed to stand up and walk towards the light. Much like at one of his other works in the ChiChu Museum, my sense of space had been altered in a way that I didn’t realize 1) how close we were to the rectangle and 2) that it was not a flat projection, but actually a lit space that we could reach our hands into.

We visited all six art houses. While some projects were more interesting than others, I enjoyed viewing them within the context of traditional Japanese homes.

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