11:30 pm

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After dinner we went to Pole Pole, a dive bar in the Katamachi district that plays reggae music and lets you throw peanut shells on the floor.

We grabbed the last two seats at the small and dark bar — all of the patrons were locals, except for one ex-pat from the UK. The staff was super friendly. After we ordered our beer (we tried beers from Cuba and Kenya), they poured peanuts on the counter and gave us some cookies for ‘White Day,’ which in Japan is the opposite of Valentine’s Day (girls offer gifts to their boyfriends). The owner also gave us a Sharpie so that we could write something on the wall.

While chatting with the bar owners and the ex-pat beside us, we learned that Kanazawa is located where the cold waters meet the warm waters, so all types of seafood are available here. This explains why the seafood we had at dinner was so darn good.

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