7:00 pm

Star 2


We had dinner at Itaru, a cosy izakaya restaurant filled with locals. The majority of the staff did not speak English (my Aunt helped us book our reservation), but we were seated at the counter next to the one chef that knew a bit of English. He was super friendly and helpful, and through talking with him, we learned that he had worked at Taisho in NY for a few months.

This was our favorite meal of the trip. The sake was fantastic. We ordered the sashimi (included tasty raw octopus), raw squid in a squid ink dressing, grilled nodoguro, a huge portion of hamachi kama, simmered yellowtail and daikon, fried shrimp, oyster and vegetable fritters, local vegetables and sweet potato pudding to finish. All of the seafood was excellent and went well with the sake.

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