26 Jul 2014

PNW: Urban by abbieredmon


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I ventured into Canada for the first time in my life!

I crossed the border on the I-5, which was relatively pain free, though it does require a passport now -- it used to not.

Driving into Vancouver as the sun set was actually really pretty -- there are some nice views of downtown with the mountains rising up behind the city when you're coming up from the south.

I took Saturday to explore downtown Vancouver, and I started with the Granville Island Public Market, which is an intense weekend destination, even for locals, it seems! Great spot, though -- tons of food, cute booths and products, and... of course... I got a banana & Nutella crepe.

Haven't you people learned anything about me?!

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After I left the market, I wandered for a bit, found an ATM, took a bus, and ended up back in the center of downtown.

Vancouver is weird, because there are a shit-ton of glass, high-rise apartment buildings and offices. Like, a lot of them. Everywhere. It makes for a kinda cool skyline, but when you're walking around in it, it feels a bit lacking in character. Everything is just sort of generic and corporate and it looks the same.

I walked down Robson Street and window-shopped slash actual-shopped, and found my way, with a little help from Yelp, to a Japanese hot dog place for a late lunch.


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I continued my walk and ended up in Gastown, which is at the north end of downtown, by the harbor where the cruise ships dock.

It was a cute little neighborhood, with cobblestone streets and old lamp posts on the corners, and of course I failed to take a photo of any of that.

I did step into a place called Rainier Provisions while looking for a smoothie or a pick-me-up of some sorts. Inside is a really cool space with an awesome color scheme -- exposed brick walls, turquoise folding chairs, and beautiful wood floors!