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Arrived to Athens on 8/24/15 and stayed at the Aristoteles Hotel. Hotel was cheap about 40 Euros a night, can't really complain if you're on a budget. Not the most luxurious hotel, but it was good enough for a few days. First day we headed to Plaka, which is the cute little town where all the restaurants, shops, and bars are located. After having lunch and a few drinks we decided to see the Acropolis, which is only a 5 min minute walk from the town. I payed about 12 Euros for the entry and the walk is not an easy one. Getting to the Acropolis is a steep way up a mountain filled with marble floors. My advice is wear shoes, because I wore flip flops and I had to hold on to my friend, or I would of probably fell. Also bring water. No one sells water around the area and you can easily get dehydrated. On the way up you get to see the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, which is one of the most well preserved theaters in Athens. Further up you get to see the Parthenon, and right next to it is the temple of Athena. You can also see all of Athens from the top, which is an awesome view.

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