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On 8/25/15 my friends and I headed to Mykonos. From our hotel in Athens we left for Piraeus port, which is about a half hour drive from the city. We took Blue Star Ferries from Athens, and it was approximately a 4 hour ferry ride. Arriving to Mykonos was absolutely beautiful. Finally got to see the white houses and the really nice blue Mediterranean ocean. As soon as we arrived we headed to Mykonos Beach Hotel were we booked. From there one of my friends suggested heading to Paradise Beach, which was only a 15 minute taxi drive. What we didn't know is that the bus takes you there also for only 2 euros, which we took back and we highly recommend it for the price. The beach is filled with bars, restaurants, tons of sun beds, which was really nice. The water looked stunning compared to the dirty beaches in New Jersey where I'm from. Stayed there almost all day. This beach is very lively and recommended if you want to party in Mykonos. They were promoting a body paint party at night and giving free shots at the beach. Half of my friends stayed until the night, and the other half left for town before sunset. Arriving to town you see the famous windmills which is an amazing place to catch the sunset.

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