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Next day we took the ferry to Santorini. We took Hellenic Seaways this time, since Blue Star ferries did not go directly to Santorini from Mykonos. This ferry ride was approximately 2 hours. Arriving to Santorini is a view I will never forget. The houses and buildings are located on top of a cliff and there's a volcano right in the center of it all. Unfortunately, I only stayed one day in Santorini, and I wouldn't recommend it because there's a lot to see. Our villa was located by black beach, which was far from the popular towns such as Oia. Luckily, we bought a tour, and our tour guide drove us everywhere we needed to see and we even stopped for wine tasting. We visitied red beach, Oia, Faros, and Perissa. The rocks were covered in a red color, due to the volcano. Oia is hands down the most beautiful place you'll ever catch a sunset, and I will definitely be coming back again one day.

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