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I'm still unsure why we even went back to Athens so early during our trip, but when planning the trip everyone decided they wanted stay one day in each island. So to make everyone happy, we did one day in each island and flew back to Athens. On our way back we had a problem at the airport in Santorini. We were flying with Ryanair, which I would never recommend anyone fly with them! They charged us 56 euros for not being at that airport 2 hours prior in order to print out tickets. This airline is a scam! and we payed just as much as our tickets cost. Almost missed our flight since we had to wait 40 minutes just so the lady at the counter can print our tickets. I will never fly with this airline ever again. We made it safely to Athens and for the remainder of our trip we explored more of Plaka, explored the museums, and we even headed to a nearby beach in Athens for the day. Overall, out of all my trips so far, I would have to say Greece has to be one of the most beautiful countries I've seen yet!

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