22 Aug 2015

Yosemite by abbieredmon


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Well, I finally made it to Yosemite.

Lucky for us, we chose a great time to go: Amidst headlines about people contracting the plague -- yes, THE PLAGUE, like what killed half of England back in the day -- from infected squirrels and chipmunks in the park.


Spoiler alert: We all made it out alive, but we yelled perhaps unnecessarily loudly at any squirrel brave enough to scope out our campsite or try to climb into the bear locker where we kept our food. GTFO! Srsly though.

Another fun fact: Reserving a campsite in Yosemite is like registering for college classes when no one wants the stupid 9 a.m. ones. You log on to the website 30 minutes before the time window opens and load a bunch of tabs, ready to click buttons like a mad person, and watch the clock on your computer screen obsessively.

The time window opened, and the rest is a blur. I was reserving sites left and right. I started with sites I'd read about as particularly good ones for privacy or peace and quiet. Then I changed tactics: just any old site would do! Please, let me come to Yosemite! Mind you, this was happening in April in hopes of an August visit -- that's how far ahead you have to plan.

By the end, I had reserved four separate campsites for different overlapping periods of time. I carefully looked at what I had done, made a few cancellations, and ended up with two different campsites for our 5-night stay. Yup. That meant that halfway through our trip, we'd have to break camp and reassemble it at a different campsite across the street.

Could I call this success? I'm not sure.

At any rate, we found ourselves in Yosemite during the last week of August, ready to soak it all in.