24 Aug 2015

Yosemite by abbieredmon


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We accidentally had a big day today.

We drove up Glacier Point Road and hiked out to Taft Point, which is a pretty easy ~1.5 mile walk.

The view was IMMENSE. I won't say any more about it. Look at the photos; go see for yourself.

We then continued on a loop over to Glacier Point, which we could have driven to, and later perhaps wished we had. Oddly, the trail to Glacier Point from Taft Point descends quite a bit. We were all thinking, wait a minute, isn't Glacier Point a scenic overlook? It is. Taft Point is just higher. Taft Point is really, really high.

The two offer different perspectives on the park, as well. El Capitan is the pièce de résistance at Taft Point; Half Dome is the star at Glacier Point.

We'd lost a bit of morale by the time we started the return hike, but showers, a good dinner, and smores at our campsite cheered us up.

Our campsite (speaking of) was great -- right by the stream with lots of space between us and our neighbors. After dark, we had the pleasure of watching two raccoons hunt in the water as we sat around our campfire. They lurched through the stream, back legs longer than the front, swishing their "hands" through the water to grab crayfish and frogs. They were so unbothered by us and the bright headlamps we turned on them that it was, in fact, pretty unsettling.

But really, I didn't mind the raccoons -- seeing a bear right before bed would have been much more unnerving!

Wildlife count:

Squirrels: one million
Chipmunks: also one million
Deer: 1
Raccoons: 2
Bears: 0