25 Aug 2015

Yosemite by abbieredmon


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Half of us went home today, but the other half carried on.

In need of a rest today, today we attempted a scramble up a gully, lost the route directions, gave up, and instead spent the afternoon hiking over to El Capitan to see it up close.

We saw two guys coming down, and waited to chat with them. They were from England and had just finished setting ropes up the first 200 meters of the Nose. The next day, they'd haul some gear bags up, and the day after, they'd make their attempt.

Marcus "talked shop" with the pair for a while, and I wandered around, gazing upward, thinking about what it would be like to sleep on a portaledge halfway up this monster.

We got back to the campsite mid-afternoon and read for a while. Later, as I was starting to the dishes after dinner, I sliced my finger open on a knife. Although he claimed I did it on purpose to get out of doing the dishes, Marcus patched me up, and I survived.