6:30 pm

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3 people down this morning, yesterday took its toll. Today we really got to see the Valley. Mainly bitumen, a bit of mud, not too tough. My butt is sore from the bike yesterday so it was never comfortable today. First stop today was Nama Bouda, a Buddhist monastery up in the mountains. Hard work getting there through some thick muddy sections. An active monastery and we were allowed to enter and walk through pretty freely. Lunch was on the road, rice, vegetables, dahl and a tiny amount of mutton. Good flavours. Mountains of water as its hot and humid. Then a cruise ride across the valley to a Hindu shrine called Changu Narayan. First time I really saw the impact of the big earthquake 4 months ago. Many damaged buildings, bricks everywhere, cracks and scaffold. Bought the girls handmade yak sock things. Wanted to buy a big mask but would never be able to carry it this early on in the trip. Cruised the afternoon on good roads, through some pretty earthquake damaged villages. Then more hill climbing to a country town high on the cliffs overlooking an enormous valley. My room is right at the top, has a balcony and tomorrow's sunrise will be magnificent. Will make sure I'm up super early to sit out there and watch the day unfold.

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