10:30 pm

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The bikes may have killed us in past 2 days but today it was payback and we killed them. After a grueling fire trail on a rutted and dusty road, I snapped my bike in 2. Had to walk away from it, hop on a spare ('yes, we had one) and let the mechanic limp down to the nearest village and try to weld it back. We also blew out a set of brakes and had another puncture. This meant a lot of sitting around tiny villages, hanging with the locals, giving the kids pens and lollipops and just doing nothing. It was so good to get the gift of time today to just sit and do nothing. Sat under a tree with some old folk, sat on a street corner with my homies, sat on a ridge looking over a beautiful lush valley. Today got really hot too and really dusty. We ended up doing the final 50km battling trucks on a windy road. No casualties other than the bikes. Made it back to Kathmandu safely with no injuries. The Royal Enfields are gone, tomorrow we leave for Tibet and Mt Everest.

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