10:30 pm

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It's mid autumn festival day in new Tibet so upon our arrival I was politely singled out, handed a wrapped moon cake and smiled for the cameras. We all entered the country politely and I will continue to be polite. It is very convenient that there is a high speed train that takes people directly from Beijing to Lhasa too. We were greeted, ushered into our van and drove at precisely the speed limit on a brand new road past many grand new buildings, for the 50km trip from airport to the city. Lhasa sits at 3500m so we were all a little lightheaded with a tinge of headache. It's barren out here. I may have seen Everest from the plane, will compare photos later. So excited to be here with Everest closer by the day. It's sunny and warm with the forecast for more of the same so I'm really hoping for grand Everest views from base camp. Numerous motorbike dramas and the hotel car park looks like a mechanics workshop. We file out at 8am tomorrow though. Took the men on a night walk to Jokhang temple, my internal GPS working well through the backstreets. Hoping that a night stroll, Snickers bar, no beer and around 2 liters of water will ward off further altitude sickness. We will be at 5200m in 3 days time.

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