6:30 pm

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A royal breakfast and I eventually psyched myself to a cup of yak butter tea. It was all familiar tastes of oil, salt and milk. Not unpleasant but I didn't finish the cup, nor will I seek it out again. A farmland ride this morning with plenty of farm animal dodgem going on. Plus it's getting cold and my open face helmet doesn't help things much. We had one section of the road where we had to check in with some officials, set the timer and then 50km or so later stop at another checkpoint and ensure that we had done that section within a certain time frame. Very important stuff. Arrived in Shigatse and had to do a lot of paperwork to get into a special monastery called Ta Shi Lhun Po Monastery. The 6th Panchen Lama comes here to study sometimes. The remains of several other Dalai Lamas are located here too. Everest tomorrow!! Oh yeah, one more thing, the toilets here can be BRUTAL.

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