6:00 pm

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Woke up to absolute perfect weather. No clouds, big sky, cold but not icy. A solid day on the bike was the plan. Early part of the ride was more farmland. A few logs on the road to keep you on your toes. Then the first mountain pass- nothing too serious. We were all fully kitted up for the cold so no dramas. More yak for lunch, please, no more yak. Then the excitement stated to build. A 40km hill climb to the highest mountain pass in Tibet, 5300m. No views but still feel on top of the world, literally. Decided to stretch out the legs and climb to the highest pony up some concrete steps, two at a time to unfurl. Muscles were strong, so I decided to sprint it up. Bad, bad mistake. My heart and lungs exploded at the top but guess what, no air. Scary feeling to be taking in deep sucks and not get the relief. It was almost overwhelming and I had visions of a heart attack. All good after 90secs or so. Idiot. Back on the bike for a tension fueled 40km to the Everest glimpse. I had no expectations other than just seeing it. So, I've got my eye on the odometer , counting down the kms, cruising through a canyon with pretty solid mountains all around. I could feel that we were almost through the mountain range and that it was going to open up any minute. A sweeping left and then BAM!!. Directly ahead, north face of Everest, a shining, silver pyramid. Full view, far closer than I had expected. Full dominance, no mistaking it. A few quick turn, the valley open up in front, we stopped the bikes and just stared. Clear blue sky, a few fluffy clouds thrown in for effect and Mt Everest! Cell phone coverage, 4 bars. Call the family to share the moment. Couldn't take my eyes off it. Eventually back on the bikes, a few more turns and the mountain completely obscured from view until tomorrow. Gone. Accommodation tonight is pretty basic but the water is hot and I have my own room. It gets more basic again tomorrow .

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