10:30 pm

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Not surprisingly, it was a freezing cold night and I started this mornings ride out wearing 7 layers of clothing. I had my mask and goggles on so my eyes were fine but it was my hands that suffered. Within minutes they were hurting from the cold and then they just went numb. I held on for around 30mins and then started getting worried. I ride at the back as I am the least experienced and am not comfortable riding as fast as the others. Just as I was about to stop I saw that the group had stopped and that each person was huddled around their engines, warming their gloved hands on their engines. We were all suffering. Nearly all our stops this morning were to get the blood back into our fingers ( which hurts by the way...). I had never really thought about just how cold and exposed I was going to be but riding a motorbike to Everest, duh!! Anyway, the trio home is exactly the same route as getting there so today was nearly all cold and windy mountain passes but with all the good stuff behind you. We all just wanted to get moving and stay warm. So, I was cold for half the day, really comfortable for about 3 hours and then getting warm for the last few hours as we continued our descent. Survived another long day on the bike, one more riding day left and tomorrow will also be a long haul.

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