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Today we completed the 1400km round trip back to Lhasa. Another long day on the bike but nearly all fairly decent bitumen. The traffic was still diabolical and unlike Nepal, here the drivers are aggressive and selfish. It's very scary being on a bike in this country. The final 50km back into town was on a horrendous stretch of road that was dusty, potholed and loaded with trucks. It was every person to themselves and we dodged and weaved our way through a wasteland of heavy vehicles. With 13km to go, I went down. Front wheel hit a big rock, handlebars twisted and I got launched. Forward judo roll on the dust and dirt and fortunately didn't get run over. The mechanic was riding right behind me so he quickly picked the bike up and got me to the side of the road. Other than a sore wrist and a sore hip, I was fine. Not once had I fallen or even dropped my bike this whole trip and I got unstuck so close to home. Then to make matters worse, when we regrouped and I checked my pockets for breakages, I snapped off a photo of the trucks and didn't realize I was photographing a police checkpoint too. 2 min later an armed police officer has bailed me up and is going through my phone. Our tour guide was not impressed and I was completely embarrassed. Said photo was deleted, a few earnest stares and I gingerly hopped back on my bike and limped the last few km back to the hotel. Parked the bike, never to hop back on again. Bike tour complete. To be honest, I'm surprised that we didn't have any serious casualties, the riding conditions and traffic has been utterly crazy. Still I did sign up for this and I got exactly what I asked for. Ate Western food tonight- a yak burger and fries. Happily drank a long neck of Lhasa beer too. Tour of Potola Palace tomorrow - getting there by van.

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