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Today, my ego got a thorough massaging and it felt great! We were full blown tourists today visiting the Potala Palace and the Jongkur markets. To begin with, there were very few Europeans about and the majority of the people were either Tibetan pilgrims or one of the many different types of Chinese tourists. My 194cm frame stuck out like a lamppost and today I was a star attraction. There was giggling, a lot of staring, requests for photos and conversations. I felt like a celebrity. Sitting down on a bench was the best because I got to watch people watching me. Some tried to take sneaky photos, others treated me as if I was an exhibit and they boldly just snapped away. It made it a lot easier for me to snap pics straight back at them. I also blew all my money today. I had always hoped that I would be able to buy an antique Tibetan treasure for my office and I had assumed that a bargain was there for the taking. So wrong, so so wrong. I ended up having to tell the antique dealer just how much money I had to spend and then let him show me what I could afford. It came down to only a few items but fortunately one of them was perfect. It's a good thing that we leave Tibet tomorrow because I don't even have enough yuan to buy a bottle of water. We fly back to Kathmandu early, hopefully getting a seat on the RHS of the plane so that I get one more view of the great mountain.

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