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For those of you who get travel alerts, you will know that Nepal is in the grip of some protests. We arrived this morning to a fuel crisis so there are little or no cabs on the road and all petrol is black market at 4 x the usual price. This meant that my final day of adventure needed to be restricted to within walking distance of the hotel. Armed with 3 cameras, about 20 Bic pens and 10 Chupa Chup lollipops I headed out the door. Nepal is friendly, Tibet not so friendly ( Chinese forced occupation tends to dampen people's spirits somewhat). I wandered the back streets until I found an area which really had suffered from the April earthquake. I sat down, watched, offered the workers some water and let it all just happen around me. Then the camera came out much much later and some really great portrait shots were had. Did a similar thing later where there was an entire family from grandchild to grand mother all doing their thing in a small square. Lollipops and pens to break the ice and next minute the old grandmother was trying to convince me to take her 2 year old grandchild out of the country and to a better life. Hours passed, it really was special. Kathmandu is mad crazy but soft as well. The people here are welcoming and I will certainly look forward to coming back here with my family. Had our final dinner with the Extreme Crew and tomorrow, after some morning poolside time, it's Singapore and home.

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