11:30 pm

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More exploring and meeting up with more friends.

Some took an early trip to Venice beach, but I stayed in and slept a little longer after having to do some work till 3am. Zzzzzz

What we saw:
- LACMA: LA County Museum of Art (www.lacma.org)
I saw the giant floating rock, had our British accents mocked, the famous LACMA lamps, and a woman dressed as a banana.

- Staples Center
Our friend had tickets to Walking with Dinosaurs, so we went to see it. Pretty impressive how they bought the dinos to life.

Where we ate:
- Mendocino Farms (www.mendocinofarms.com)
Oh. My. Goodness. Sandwiches from heaven. Definitely have the 'Not so fried chicken'.

- Milk (www.themilkshop.com)
What's a meal with out ice-cream for dessert?
A plethora of ice-cream flavours available in sticks, scoops, or sandwiches. I didn't manage to get a picture of my red velvet ice-cream sammie as I was an ice-cream monster and ate it immediately. Oh, did I mention you could also build your own custom ice-cream sandwich? Heck yes!

- Carmela Ice-cream (www.carmelaicecream.com)
After LACMA, we were all in need of caffeine and sugar. Not content with one ice-cream fix, we headed to Carmela which had something for everyone - coffee and ice-cream. I opted for cantaloupe sorbet. Refreshing!

- Sockerbit (www.sockerbit.com)
Two doors down from Carmela was Sockerbit. A Swedish candy shop filled with all my favourite childhood sweets from gummies to liquorice straws. I may have spent a small fortune in here.

- Playa Provisions (www.playaprovisions.com)
For dinner we really wanted Korean BBQ, but the wait was so long and we had friends waiting at Playa Provisions. So, we just headed here and had some bar bites which included some tasty calamari and courgette fries, oh and of course cocktails.

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