7:30 am

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7:30am Ted's wake-up call is more welcome today. He tells us that we should have changed our clocks to be on South Georgia time and that the storm has subsided. The weather outside is about 33F, overcast, misty with rain and snow, and that they are still spotting sea birds from the decks, though not as many as yesterday. Breakfast will run from 8 to 9. I immediately notice a difference in the ship's movement. I still woke up throughout the night, but not nearly as much as the night before, and we didn't have anything roll around the cabin.

8:15am I'm out of bed and showering.

9:00am The Restaurant has already cleared away most of the breakfast items, but I grab a glass of apple juice and a little pastry to-go. I head up to the Bar on the 6th deck and find myself a corner window to look out of. This is the first time I've seen the outside since I lost sight of my horizon that first night at sea. It's overcast, misty, and foggy. There are whitecaps on the waves and the ship is still swaying, but the waves aren't too tall. I brew myself a cup of Darjeeling tea and take a digestive back to my window seat. This feels like a breakfast of champions! I'm feeling much more whole than I did the day before.

10:00am to 10:00pm I filled the rest of the day with attending lectures, going outside to watch the sea and look for birds (I learned how to identify Petrels (not specific ones) and Black-browed Albatross), complete my bio-security screening (pulling all the foxtails and bits of grasses from my backpack, hat, gloves, etc.), and chatting with Ana and other passengers.

Today was a much better day than yesterday!

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