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Woke up bright and early this morning, had a nice breakfast, went back to the cabin to bundle up, and then hopped in a Zodiac for a cruise around Cooper Bay. Hugh, our chauffeur for the morning, took us right up into a tiny inlet where fur seals guarded the beach, but Macaroni Penguins were the highlight. The Macs were landing ashore and then making their way up a steep hill to the colony. Another Zodiac joined us in the inlet and we played bumper boats through the surf until our Zodiac managed to get stuck between some rocks. At that point, Hugh had asked some of us to jump out onto the beach to lighten the load and let the boat dislodge itself from the rocks. I was out first in knee-high water, letting the male fur seal closest to me on the beach, Mr. Grumpy, who barked his presence, know that I knew he was there, but that I was bigger than him (which I was not) and that I'd leave him alone if he left me alone. I helped a couple of the gals to the beach while keeping an eye on Mr. Grumpy (he's in the photo below). After 4 of us gals jumped out, the boat was light enough that a couple waves dislodged the Zodiac and Hugh was able to sidle up to a big rock about 10 feet away. I again helped the ladies to the boat and then hopped back aboard. It was a mini adventure :-)

Top photo: Mr. Grumpy (foreground), Macaroni penguins hopping up the penguin highway to their colony
Middle photo: Macaronis on the rocky beach just after they came out of the sea
Bottom photo: Skuas "sharing" a carcass

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