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We're staying on the ship for a cruise up Drygalski Fjord. The scenery is STUNNING! The mountains here are part of Gondwanaland = old! There are quite a few glaciers coming down through between the mountains. Some glaciers come right down to the sea; others now stop further upslope, but where they end, they look like an avalanche that has been stopped mid-collapse, like the rest of the ice and snow is about to come down in a massive ka-boom! There is also lots of sea ice floating in here, mostly small chunks.

There's not much wildlife on this part of the island. This is supposedly a good region to see whales, but we've seen nothing. There are many snow petrels here due to not being decimated by the invasive rats which never came into the Fjord.

Top photo: Iceberg, looking back towards the opening of Drygalski Fjord
Bottom photo: Iceberg in front of a glacier

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