3:30 pm

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They are offering Zodiac rides up into Larsen Harbour now. Ray and I walked around the deck to test the weather which looks pretty awful from the warmth of the Bar. And... it is miserable outside. It's cold which is now normal, but the wind is gusting like crazy and the snow is coming down in painfully hard little balls. Riding in a Zodiac for an hour and a half in this weather? Nope, nope, nope.

Update around 5pm: per the people coming back from the Zodiac cruise, they saw a mom and pup Weddel seal, a snow petrel getting into its cliff-side nest, and it was cold, though calmer in the harbor than what we could see from the ship.

Top photo: Foggy opening to Larsen Harbour
Bottom photo: Better look at the foggy opening

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