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After we viewed the chinstraps, we headed back to the beach where we could land and then hike up to the Mac colony. The hike was steep and covered in snow, but it was short and the snow was pretty well packed down (which was good sometimes and very slippery others). The Macs were atop a bluff in tussock grass. I ended up spending over an hour watching these guys in clear windy and then snowy windy weather. They were doing a fair bit of behaviors such as preening, calling (where they bob their heads from side to side, shoulder to shoulder), eating snow, laying on their tummies, hopping and walking around, and fighting. The view from the bluff was also really beautiful of Cooper Island, the Ortelius, icebergs in the distance, and the penguins in the fore. (The cover photo for this travel journal was taken from here.)

Top photo: Macaroni colony
Middle photo: Parading penguins
Bottom photo: Beautiful guy

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