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We were supposed to land at St. Andrew's Bay -- the holy grail of king penguins -- but we were experiencing 70 knot winds, so it wasn't possible to Zodiac on the ocean, nor would we want to stand on a beach during such blustery weather. Instead, we header to Godthul (translates to Good Harbour) for the afternoon. What a difference in weather from the morning! As Ted has told us, South Georgia has many microclimates, so this little bay was very protected from what was happening on the ocean (and from what we experienced this morning) -- at beach level, there was no wind and so much sun I almost started stripping layers; a short hike up the ridge made for windier weather and some small snow balls blew in our faces.

As with all the beaches we visit, we were welcomed by elephant seals. I finally took some photos of the "small" pups who still have their black fur.

Top photo: Young elephant seal pup
Middle photo: A "weaner" pup -- mom has abandoned the young and now the weaner fends for him/herself
Bottom photo: Godthul beach

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