2:00 pm

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We headed back to the ship for lunch. After lunch was the Fortuna Bay to Stromness Whaling Station hike that Shackleton, Worsely, and Crean made when they finally made contact with people after 17(?) months. I had signed up to do it, but after the rain this morning, we were told the snowpack had turned slushy on top. The hike was only a little over 3 miles, but up and down steep passes, and I decided that even with the aid of snowshoes, I didn't want to risk a twisted ankle. Really too bad because I was looking forward to this part of the trip, especially after reading the book 'Endurance' about what Shackleton and his men went through. Oh, well. Perhaps I'll be here again someday to complete it :-)

Instead of the hike, I stayed aboard the ship, took a shower, relaxed in the Bar catching up on this travel journal, and then took photos of Stromness from the ship. It's a derelict whaling station that is closed off to visitors now, so very rusty, full of asbestos, and falling apart.

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