6:30 am

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I start out the morning by joining our birding staff, Joe and Dave, on a "pipit and kings" tour. The area right off the beach is tussocky and very muddy/boggy. But pipits like tussock for their nests and we see some flying around. We manage to track them to a general nesting area where parents are flying back and forth with food for their nestlings. The babies make lots of noise as soon as the parents arrive, though we can't see the babies through the thick grass (and we don't want to disturb the nests). We wander around quite a bit finding other pipits. Dave tells us that in 2009 when he was last here, there were rat tracks all over the beach and, therefore, no pipits present. Now, they seem to be thriving. The sun has disappeared and it's still cold and windy.

Top photo: Finding pipits
Middle photo: Pipit found
Bottom photo: Penguins sludging their way through the boggy mud

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