9:00 am

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After watching for pipits, I walked up the wash area towards the hills/mountains/glaciers. Both sides of the wash were covered in molting penguins. They were noisy. The wash was quite muddy and slippery -- I slipped a couple times, but nothing bad that hurt or made a mess of me. Plus, I needed to walk slowly for the penguins -- they don't like quick movements and prefer when you move at their slow speed. I tried to get photos of the rivers of penguins in the wash, but I couldn't really do the scene justice without a higher elevation to take photos from. Unfortunately, my way to a higher spot was blocked by penguins. I did attempt a different higher spot up the side of the nearby mountain, but it wasn't the right angle. Still, it made for a nice mini hike.

Top and middle photos: Rivers of king penguins
Bottom photo: View of the glacier, mountains, and penguins

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