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On my way back from the penguins, I stopped at what sounded like a busy hillside for pipits. I made my way slowly up the tussocky hill, stopping to watch for pipit parents going to nests. I finally worked my way over to a very busy nest (perhaps it was 2 nests, or they were just super parents that seemed like 4 birds instead of only 2). I did manage to get some good photos of parents with full beaks for the babies. The babies were so chirpy when mom and dad were there. As I sat on my pipit hill, the sun came back out, the wind died down, and it was really pleasant to sit in the sun and observe these little guys who are making such a great comeback for their species.

Top photo: Pipit with a bug in its mouth
Middle photo: Another pipit with food
Bottom photo: Pipit outside the nest

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