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Prion Island is home to nesting wandering albatross. The birds are endangered, so the Government of South Georgia requires special visitors' permits and protocols so that the birds aren't bothered. They have built a boardwalk path for visitors to keep them out of critical areas. The Government closes the island to visitors from about a week from now for several months -- I'm not sure how much of that is due to the albatross vs. fur seals taking over the island for breeding. Prion is also home to many pipits because rats were never introduced -- it is the pipit population here that colonized Salisbury Plain.

Due to the restrictions on visitors, the trip participants had to split up into smaller groups. We Zodiac'ed out to the island, fought off the fur seals on the beach, then headed up the boardwalk for our first view of wandering albatross chicks.

Top photo: Walking up the boardwalk
Middle photo: Looking down at the view from the boardwalk
Bottom photo: Wandering albatross chicks (and also some giant petrels)

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