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After dropping our luggage off, we grabbed a couple taxis to take us up to Glacier Martial. Ted and Tim brought their skis and went up the mountain with that purpose. Pauline, Gina, Irene, and I went to hike and so we did. At other times of the year, our hiking road is a ski slope with a magnificent view of the bay below and mountains towering above. Most of the hike was on the ground, though a fair bit was trudging through the snow. Lucky for us, we all had our various cold-weather layers packed away and brought them out as the wind picked up. We saw several pretty species of bird -- Gina and Pauline knew some, Joe, who we met up with later, knew the rest.

We gals tried to hike up to the saddle region on one of the mountains, but the snow pack got really slippery and it wasn't worth making it to the top, especially considering the views we were already taking in.

Top photo: Gina, Irene, and Pauline hiking up the hill
Middle photo: The gals walking across the bridge as we hit the snow line
Bottom photo: Looking back from the bridge

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