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This morning, we left cold and snowy Ushuaia and flew to warm and humid Buenos Aires. We grabbed a taxi to our hotel in downtown BA. It's a beautiful time to be here -- all the trees lining the streets are blooming purple flowers and the parks are very green. As soon as we checked in to our room, the lady we booked a city tour with called to let us know she would be at the hotel shortly.

Liz arrived and met us in the lobby with city maps. She sat us down and gave us an overview of the city and its history. Then we hopped back into a cab and made our way to La Boca, the district that used to be the first port in BA and holds a lot of history, including originating the Tango. As a port city, a lot of men arrived here from European cities as well as local regions. Therefore, brothels also popped up. The tango as a dance began as a way to, "get men ready to go in five minutes," according to our guide. The music was played on accordions and violins because those were the instruments that were brought over from Europe. Many of the songs were sad and were about longing for home.

Top photo: Gina walking through La Boca
Bottom photo: La Boca - very colorful

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