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After La Boca, we drove through the new port area: it's very new and like most port cities, it's redone its old warehouses and turned them into apartments, shopping, and offices. We then drove to La Recoleta -- a district where the old 1% moved to when the original port area (La Boca) became overrun with port workers and when yellow fever started spreading. This area became known as the 'Paris of South America' because many of those 1%-ers travelled often between the big European cities and BA and so they brought over the designers/architects of the time to build their palaces -- they wanted to be the royal families of BA. We were told that when the women would come back to BA with their fancy, new, European dresses, they were't quite fancy enough and so gold thread was woven through them. This area now is like the 5th Ave/SoHo of NYC and is full of fancy shops and buildings.

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