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Next, we explored the Cemetery -- Cementerio de la Recoleta -- where the rich families built mausoleums for their dead. These mausoleums could hold up to 17 family members, both above and below ground. It reminded me of New Orleans' cemeteries, except at a much larger scale. Each family mausoleum was designed according to the times and the wealth. Some are still very well maintained and are updated with stained glass and other fancy things, while others have been abandoned and are falling apart; but the families bought these spaces and so even the abandoned structures are there to stay. We did see where Evita is entombed, as well as other famous Argentinians. This cemetery is also well-known for its cats -- there are many strays who live here and are well-fed.

Top photo: Depicts the differences in family mausoleums
Middle photo: Wandering through...
Bottom photo: Gina petting a couple of the resident kitties

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