11 Nov 2015

Expedition To South Georgia Island by Maureen


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Today was a day at sea as we make our way back to the Falklands. I received a skin patch for seasickness last night from our ship doctor, so I was able to be up and around all day today. The weather isn't stormy, but winds are around 26 knots and the ship is still doing lots of both pitching (front to back) and rolling (side to side), so I know I wouldn't be functional without wearing the medicated patch.

It was nice to be able to sleep in this morning and it did feel funny not to be getting ready for landings -- no multiple layers of clothes, no cramming muck boots on, no fastening lifejackets. Instead, we had lectures going on in the Lecture Room and I spent a fair bit of time up in Bar going through photos and editing this travel journal. We did pass by Shag Rocks around 10:30am, and I think they're very photogenic at certain angles, but not really from our ship, so I didn't take pictures. And tonight, we watched a short film called "Around Cape Horn" -- it was fascinating and funny and was narrated footage of the last big sailing vessel that made voyages around Cape Horn.

Now it's off to bed for me. The scolpomine patch makes me sleepy...