29 Oct 2015

Expedition To South Georgia Island by Maureen


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My name is Maureen and work for Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris (www.cheesemans.com). I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to join our 2015 expedition to South Georgia Island in the Antarctic region. After helping to get all our participants on this trip, I am excited to actually be experiencing the trip myself.

Thank you to each of my coworkers in helping make this possible -- thank you for taking care of my cat, for loaning me clothing, for giving me lots of advice on what to bring and what to expect, and everything else you've done :-)

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3:20am Shuttle from home to SFO, this is way too early

5:00am Check in at SFO

7:00am Flight to Miami

3:30pm Arrive in Miami, it's too hot and humid and I have heavy carry-on, so I decided against venturing to the beach during my layover -- another time, Miami. Another time

10:55pm Flight to Santiago, Chile

Photo: My 3 pieces of luggage for the trip