16 Oct 2015

Mojave Desert by adamandheather


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"We have a nightclub that operates until about 7am, so it could get quite loud in your room. By initialing here, you agree that you won't seek a refund in case of noise."

"When does it open?" Adam asks, as he signs the waiver.

"Midnight," the clerk replies. It's 11:48pm.

We've been warned about a lot of things today. But this hotel, which we booked last-minute, has made the night interesting. It bills itself as "Gothic-Chic" and is painted red, purple, and black. Dark bronze sculptures pack the lobby, and nearly every yard of wall and ceiling has a painting attached to it. Heavily tattooed bar patrons dressed in black leather and latex form a steady stream from the bar to the smoking area outside.

If we weren't so tired, we'd stay up for the party.