17 Oct 2015

Tianjin 天津 by isabelle


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After breakfast at the hotel, I took a taxi to Beijing south railway station to catch a high speed train to Tianjin. It was a busy morning for travelers - the line to buy tickets and the line into the platform were both long.

The air was bad in Beijing today - around 400 PM2.5, which is considered hazardous. I took off my mask when jogging to find the right train, and felt myself gasping for oxygen when seated. I jog 5 days a week and this was absurd. Pollution is a real thing, guys!

It was a comfortable 33 minute ride, at 292km/hour.

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We got lemonade, caprese salad, a pizza with half potato purée with sausage and the other half arugula with Parma, and house-made tiramisu.

I have to say, China never ceases to amaze me with fantastic European food. Once again, I found Italian food that reminded me of Italy more than any other Italian restaurants in the states.