4:30 pm

Star 2


Jason and I spent a night in a teepee at Piney River Ranch, which is about an 8-mile drive down a dirt road out from Vail. The road is closed nine months out of the year because of snow. The bumps were worth it -- look at this place!

When you get to the ranch, there's a little shop and a restaurant, a place to rent canoes, three cabins, a yurt, and three teepees. There are also several trails leading up toward Mt. Powell (the highest peak in the center there).

We arrived in the late afternoon, so after we settled into our teepee, we took a little stroll around the Piney Lake. There was all kinds of wildlife.

We were super pumped about seeing a moose hanging out just 30 yards or so from the cabins, but little did we know our moose encounters were about to get a lot closer...

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