6:30 pm

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Later that night, after we'd had dinner, we made a fire outside our teepee and enjoyed some wine. We watched as the moose walked up from the lake and started grazing DIRECTLY in front of one of the cabins. We're talking ten feet away! The cabins were between us and the lake, so we still had some distance, but were psyched to see him so close!

Then right as the light was fading completely, I went to the bathrooms to brush my teeth. The moose chose that moment -- of course -- to make a move. He walked past the cabins, glanced at Jason, sitting by our fire, and proceeded to choose a bush outside of the teepee next to ours for his next munching spree. The moose was RIGHT FREAKIN THERE.

And of course, I missed it.

Maybe I'm not so sad about that, though, because I think it would be terrifying. They are huge creatures.

(Our teepee was in the middle. The moose was grazing at the teepee in the back. Fortunately there was no one staying in that teepee, or they would have been trapped!)

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