12 Aug 2014

Colorado by abbieredmon


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I'm going to write two entries about Hanging Lake because I have lots of photos I want to share.

This trail is short (1.2 miles), but it's a steep uphill the whole damn way. It's a really rocky trail -- sturdy shoes required. There are lots of nice bridges at each water crossing and plenty to see along the way.

We started up at about 4 p.m., when lots of folks were headed down from the lake, but we hiked in the shade the whole time, and there was nice light once we got up to the main attraction.

And what a fucking attraction! Look at this place!

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This hike is a two-fer -- a two-for-one deal.

Hanging Lake is green and gorgeous and unique, and a hundred yards or so above that, Spouting Rock is a waterfall that shoots out of a hunk of solid rock in the mountain.

Both are awesome and absolutely worth the hike.

You can't swim in Hanging Lake -- you're not even supposed to touch the water. We did some mild trespassing through delicate "ecological regrowth areas" to get some cool views from right on top of the falls into Hanging Lake (the last picture below).