13 Aug 2014

Colorado by abbieredmon


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You can drive to (practically) the summit of Mount Evans, a 14er south of I-70 in Colorado. It boasts "the highest paved auto road in North America."

Jason and I made the drive on Wednesday night before camping at Echo Lake, at the base of the road.

We had an early dinner at the lodge restaurant first, and it was pouring rain for most of the drive up.

But then the rain slowed, and we came to a couple of awesome look-out points before the top, so we stopped, got distracted, and took a bunch of photos before continuing up.

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We hiked the short trail to the TOP top. THE summit. We signed the register and scrambled around on the rocks, taking photos.

After about 15 minutes, the clouds really started to roll in. Within minutes, we were totally immersed in a cloud. The view was vanishing. It was almost BETTER than the view, though -- to feel like you were inside a cloud on the peak of a huge mountain.

It sounds dumb, but I felt alive! I think this is when I realized that I really do love the mountains. I wouldn't have thought I'd love it here so much.