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Kicking my hells against the crumbling outer wall of the palace, watching kites fly above the city of Bundi far below. Paper kites are all the rage with kids here, I haven't seen a city scape yet in India not dotted with brightly colored paper squares.

I just had a lovely little chat with a 12 year old practicing her English. Her family is from Bundi and they just got back from a trip to Delhi. Her goodbye was "you are most welcome in Bundi and a very sweet person". How damn cute is that for a pre-teen to say?
You run into so many people trying to sell you things or trick you out of rupees here that it's such a treat to talk to someone who only wants to ask a couple questions about the US and share a bit about their city. The historical sites are impressive, but the chance to get a feel for a different city will forever be my favorite part of traveling.

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