8:30 pm

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Udaipur is damn nice so far. We're staying at a pretty swank Haveli right on the lake (man made lake, or so we've been told, but it's sparkling and impossibly clean, so good work all around is how I feel) and spent the day lounging poolside and getting messages in the spa. To be totally honest the pool is above ground and clearly not designed for lounging, and the spa is less a palace of relaxation and more a makeshift room, but we leaned into it and had a treat-yo-self day regardless.

I'm sitting on the rooftop restaurant now waiting for my travel companions to join me. They went to a sound and light show while I wandered around the back lanes of Udaipur for a couple hours, but we made plans to meet for our dinner reservations. They're about a half an hour late and I skipped lunch today and am split between being concerned for them in general, and incredibly annoyed and hungry. I'm not the best person

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