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Rode the night train from Jodhpur to Delhi. My history with sleeper trains is poor (a run from Paris to Venice that involved 7 strangers, one broken fan, and a Bathroom Incident that definitely requires the capitalization) and I was not looking forward to repeating the experience, but this one wasn't so bad.

We talked for a while to a couple from Hungary who seemed to hate most things, but still made me laugh. Bryan mentioned how much he'd enjoyed the culture in Budapest and they replied "well with the population issues we have and the direction of the government, I'm sure the culture will be totally dead within 100 years...anyways it's nice now". Not sparkling balls of optimism, it was akin to riding the rails with a real life Debbie downer, but it's always interesting to talk to another traveler. I slept for maybe 3 and a half hours in total and I'm alternating between being loopy and being s straight up bitch, so I'm going to nap and then hit up Delhi for round two!

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