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We got a late start today because I couldn't mentally gear up for another morning without coffee and nowhere is open until 10. We tried for an English breakfast at the bakery below our Airbnb...It was pretty awful, but played almost exclusively 90s boy band ballads, so overall I give it a B.

After a short brush with death via tuk-tuk (equal parts thrilling and terrifying ) we got to the Qutub Minar complex. A quick note on Indian attraction admission- for the larger monuments there's a separate ticketing counter for foreigners. It's usually totally free of a line , which is rad, but about 10 times the cost, which is less so. Nowhere will cost you more then $5, so don't throw a fit. I'd also advise to carefully count your change. All three of us have been short changed a couple hundred rupees each time we've bought a ticket. A quick tap of your (lacking) money and a frown and they'll hand the rest over, no real fuss. I honestly have gotten a real kick out of the whole game- I respect the hustle.

We've been struggling to come up with a way to describe the Qutub Minar Complex in a way that really captures the experience. "Complex" brings to mind some gray faceless building, and this was anything but that. It was half garden and half historical ruins...some that are in near perfect condition and some just a few remaining pillars. The whole space was almost ridiculously compelling to me. I Laura Croft'd my ass through the grounds about 3 times (no easy feat, it's massive. There's probably around 15 tombs and three mosques on the property along with the tower). Combine that with a perfect seventy five degree sunny day, and you have a very happy Brittany.

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