10:30 pm

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Five years ago I read an article that the Taj Mahal was closing to through visitors at the end of 2015 and said, out loud "I'm going to stand inside the Taj before then". With three days to spare, I lived up to that claim. I watched the setting sun tint the white marble dome a rose blush. I marveled at the individual cut flowers inlaid with precious stones. I stood and breathed in the majestic symmetry mirrored up from the reflecting pond. I felt the smooth marble floor of the worlds greatest monument to love pass beneath my feet as I strolled through the sitting room, running my fingers gently along the latticed window.

Rarely am I completely in any one moment. I'm usually busy planning- thinking of how I'm going to describe something or what my take away is going to be- but I felt uniquely present today. Calm and content and grounded while I took in the Taj Mahal.